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More choices if you're not holding an offer.

If you've used all five choices for art college/uni on your UCAS application, and you haven't received any offers, you could still find a place using UCAS Extra – it's free! 

Some of you will however still be waiting to hear if you've applied to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and other colleges. Let's hope this is good news.

Stops you in your tracks and kills creativity.

I did a poll in the Facebook Group and by email last week - did you take part?

There were a number of replies and one of the main issues I've discovered that holds you and others back with art portfolio for college application is procrastination. So as promised, I will use these topics to assist you.

It's useful if you can try to get a sense of what it is that's making you delay, procrastinate and take action.

Considering the top universities for Fine Art? - get clued up! It can be difficult to imagine what you might end up doing if you study Fine Art at Art College / University.
And there is always the concern from others that there are no jobs in the arts. There will always be people who don't pursue a career in the arts having studied for 3 or 4 years, but that really is your choice. 

So, you've just finished 5th year at school (here in Scotland) and you've achieved your Highers. So that means that you're possibly qualified for entry for art college in Scotland. Each year, when I have students visit for their mentoring sessions, more often than not they are at school in the 6th year studying for their Advanced Highers. I wanted to write this blog post for those of you who aren't quite at that stage yet, maybe you're in 4th or 5th year.advanced higher art or further education

Art and design employability skills

Art and design. We've been thinking a lot of about art and design and how it sits in the school curriculum. We hear from some students telling us that art and design is always the subject that suffers if a student has to catch up time with another subject, time is usually asked to be taken from the art studies first. Now why is this? Are the skills learnt in art and design not seen to hold as much value as those in other subjects? Hold on....what skills do art and design teach you anyway?