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Digital portfolio – eBook

digital portfolio for university

Digital portfolio – eBook

Studying this eBook for creating your digital portfolio for university will help you to:

>> understand what’s needed from your digital portfolio for university to win that interview and place.

>> understand how you can get the most from your digital portfolio.

>> plan which work fits into each category of research, development, context and final.

>> scan and photograph your work effectively for best results.

>> arrange your work in composite images to show as much work as you can do.

Portfolio Oomph has many years experience preparing and collating successful digital portfolios for university and art college applications!

This 21 page eBook guides you through the process of scanning and photographing your work.  We also cover compiling it into the required format for the college of your choice. Each college/uni are asking for the digital portfolios to be submitted in varying formats. Therefore, getting guidance is essential for success.

We have a template that you can print off to organise your work on paper. This is recommended before you even start trying to put the images together. It ensures you have enough images in each section of research/development, context/influences and final pieces. Also that the work is in the correct category showing a methodical process.

Technical issues are covered as different colleges require different size images, both in pixels and memory. Key, is getting the images in your digital portfolio to be of a good quality. More importantly, also within the restrictions of memory size. We use an image editing software that you can all download for free for one month whilst preparing your digital portfolio for university.

If you don’t know your paintbrush from your pixels then this eBook is definately for you! It will get you off on the right foot.

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