How to blow them away at interview – eBook

art college interview

How to blow them away at interview – eBook

A Guide to Art College Interview

Studying this eBook about your art college interview will help you to:

  • Build your confidence in talking about your work adding to what you might already have written in your art personal statement
  • Understand why an interview is an essential part of the selection process
  • See some examples of the kinds of questions that you might be asked
  • Think about how you could answer questions with confidence in relation to the work that you have presented
  • Realize that you are an individual who they have an interest in and how you can exploit that
  • Combat your nerves and cope on the day!
  • Prepare practically for the interview
  • Reflect positively on your experience
  • Prepare some questions for you to ask them – it’s a 2-way process and you want to be happy you’re going to the right college as much as they want the best candidate!

Now, what great pieces of advice do we have for your art college interview? Well, a lot of it is actually common sense, so why do I need to make an eBook you might ask? Well, because even though it’s common sense, I have seen these big mistakes happening time and time again and it’s just not necessary.

This 11 page eBook covers lots of possible art college interview questions with suggestions for your answers.

It also covers questions that you can ask them and lots of really useful advice compiled by a tutor who has interviewed 100’s of students for art college.

Don’t just think about the actual interview, what do you need to do to prepare, in the days beforehand, also what can you do during and after your art interview to help you?

We recommend that to get the most out of this eBook that you buy it at least 2 weeks in advance of your interview. Good luck and we hope you even manage to enjoy it.

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