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Ebook bundle

getting into art school

Ebook bundle

4 best selling ebooks bundle

My ‘getting into art school’ 4 best selling eBooks bundle are grouped together here at a discount rate.

This ensures that you cover the most important aspects of your application and portfolio.

Creating a sensational portfolio
This eBook is really concerned with how you can go about finding great creative ideas. We’ve all been there when getting into art school, trying to get inspired and sometimes it’s really difficult. But this eBook gives you a wealth of ideas, artists, and designers who have found inspiration in all kinds of places – that you can too. I also discuss the creative/design process that MUST be evident in your portfolio.

Writing your personal statement
This eBook goes into the details of what the colleges and universities want to hear about – and what they don’t. They don’t want to hear about every creative endeavor you’ve had since birth! Keep it current, relevant, and focused on your future art career and ambition – I’ll show you how.

How to mount and present your work
Getting into art school isn’t just about putting everything and anything into your portfolio. In this case, it’s quality over quantity, however, that doesn’t mean only your final pieces need to be shown – sketchbooks are essential too.

Your portfolio needs to be carefully selected to show the creative process and then mounted to ensure you’re showing it at its best. Our advice from years of presenting student art portfolios and digital portfolios is all contained in this eBook.

How to blow them away at interview
If you’ve bagged yourself an interview you may be in 2 minds about it. Nervous and not knowing what you expect, but thrilled that you’ve got this far. I’ll give you some ideas of the kinds of questions that you might be asked and how you can answer them in your own way, relevant to your portfolio.

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