From bottom marks to getting into your first choice art school

how to get into art school

From bottom marks to getting into your first choice art school

Knowledge is key and this student case study demonstrates to you how to get into art school relies on making a well-informed application with strong guidance and support.

“I’m very glad I contacted Julie, without her I wouldn’t be preparing to go to Uni this year!”

In September Kirsty contacted me with the view to me reviewing her portfolio and working with her on compiling her existing work into a stronger digital portfolio.

She basically wanted to know how to get into art school.

She’d made 3 applications in previous years, all of which were unsuccessful.

It was critical that Kirsty was accepted to this one institution, therefore no other applications were made.

In 2018 Kirsty made an application straight from her HND final year.

Then the following 2 applications prior to working with me were independent applications.

Applying from an HND you’d think would be a straighforward route to articulate into a degree programme. However it depends very much on the College where you study and ultimately the quality of your work and grades.

Below is the feedback received from years 2018, 2019, 2020 and this year where we’ve worked together, 2021.

I cannot stress the importance of asking for feedback on your portfolio – even if successful, especially if not, as this information is like gold dust.

It will always be a mystery, how to get into art school, if you don’t seek this feedback.

*All permissions have been given to share this information and feedback forms with you. 

how to get into art school

“I was surprised to see that the research, development & sketchbook category was at full marks when you identified it as a weakness at the start, it really shows how much the course helped me.”

From the previous portfolio submissions that were unsuccessful, it was clear to me that just editing and re-compiling the folio wasn’t going to be enough.

You can see yourself from the feedback how the portfolios are assessed – this is alongside your academic qualifications.

As you can also see, with each application the results were becoming weaker each time.

The result of this on confidence, self-esteem and belief cannot be underestimated – it was showing with this student.

To the point that students then start to produce a portfolio based on what they think the Unis want, rather than what excites and fulfils them – which is what they’re really looking for.

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It was clear that a lot of work was needing to be done, in all aspects of the portfolio – that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix.

My advice was that the portfolio would stand a much higher chance of success if it were started from scratch.

Working hard on my Portfolio Preparation Course guides you, with clear understanding, actually what is required. I don’t spell it out for you, as it’s important that your work is a reflection of you and your interests.

However, having a strong structure and regular 1:1 honest feedback sessions, the process and requirements of what you need to do become clear.

With my guidance and support, this student went from scoring the lowest marks on her portfolio in previous applications, to scoring 2 points off the highest marks.

Kirsty achieved this by working with me on my 20 week Portfolio Preparation Course.

To find out more about working with me and how I can assist you to get into your first choice college / uni please book a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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We can work out the best plan of action for you and how to get into art school.

“I really enjoyed working with Julie and the course that I took with Portfolio Oomph. Having someone who is experienced with art school applications from the university side definitely helped to make a portfolio that got me into Uni on my 4th try. I’m very glad I contacted Julie, without her I wouldn’t be preparing to go to uni this year!”

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