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Getting art college application dates and folios in order. Use our chart to check what's required and when. We had a couple of great evening seminars over the past couple of weeks, one at Stills Gallery and one at Dundee Contemporary Arts. The general feedback was that there is SO much to consider between the Colleges with different requirements, procedures, dates etc. 

Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity So, we were listening to Ed Sheeran on BBC's Desert Island discs today and what he says about how he writes his songs can so easily be applied to drawing.

Artists like Ed Sheeran don't bring in two Grammys, four Brit awards and global success for nothing. He's mastered his creativity and what it takes to produce this success - so I think there's no-one probably better to listen to!

How easy do you find it not to be sure about something you do?

How easy do you find it not to be sure about something you do? We've had another REALLY inspiring mentoring session this afternoon with a student who's exploring portraiture in the widest sense. The journey that is being undertaken is huge and it's so good to see when a student is trusting in the creative process. This really energizes ME and that should be how YOU feel when you're really into your work!

Sketchbooks and mark making. We've had a great relationship with schools in the Dumfries and Galloway area of Scotland in the past year. 4 x 1 day workshops have taken place to inspire and engage young people in the area to challenge their techniques and processes and to think more about experimentation in their work. We also did a day workshop assisting students with the creation of their digital portfolios in preparation for their art college application.

Last week we journeyed down to Newton Stewart to take part in a residential in conjunction with the Outdoor Education Service in Dumfries and Galloway Council. 13 art and design students spent 3 nights down at Stronord Centre where they had time to focus fully on their art before commencing on their final 6th year at school after the summer holidays. Some of these students will be applying for art college, which was why we were invited to deliver a workshop.

Glasgow School of Art Sculpture

Last week we had the very special occasion of celebrating the degree show of our very first mentee who was graduating from Glasgow School of Art. We actually can't believe that he's graduating - time has really flown by! Lachlan graduated from Sculpture and Environmental Art with a 1st class Hons and has been awarded one of the RSA New Contemporaries awards. I didn't expect much less to be quite honest, as he was so engaged with life and art.

wLast night we attended the John Byrne Awards at the Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh. The John Byrne Awards are quite unusual in that it is focused around values and how young people can express their personal and/or group values through their creative artwork. 

The Best Ways to Keep Your Drawing

On Saturday we took part in a totally new experience in our education world - an online conference! We've been to many conferences, mainly art based and all have been where we have been physically present. But last year we were asked to take part in this online conference organised by American based The Art of Education (AOE), an online resource for art teachers providing online classes, teaching materials, lessons, videos and much more.

Dyslexia and Art School

Dyslexia is a common distinction of the creative individual, with many young people attending art school falling into similar statistics as follows. At Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design research by Dr Steffart found that three-quarters of the 360 art foundation students assessed have a form of dyslexia. Dr Steffart designed a series of six tests of verbal, written and spatial ability for the students. Their intellectual and visual spatial skills were at a superior level – but they had many problems with reading, writing and spelling. Independent