Do you know about UCAS extra?

ucas extra

Do you know about UCAS extra?

More choices if you’re not holding an offer.

If you’ve used all five choices for art college/uni on your UCAS application, and you haven’t received any offers, you could still find a place using UCAS Extra – it’s free!

Some of you will however still be waiting to hear if you’ve applied to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and other colleges. Let’s hope this is good news.

Maybe you’re in this position, therefore I strongly recommend you also download my FREE eBook.

This will help you if you decide to re-apply – even help you decide IF you want to reapply.

Extra is an additional opportunity, before UCAS Clearing for you to gain a place at university or college, between 25 February and 4 July. If you used all five of your choices on your original application and you’re not holding an offer, you’ll be able to add another choice using UCAS Extra.

If you included five choices on your application, have received decisions from all five, and weren’t accepted, or if you declined the offers you received, you will be able to use UCAS Extra.

Supposing you’ve not used all your choices in your initial application then you can just add another choice in Track, as long as it’s before 30 June, and you’ve not accepted or declined any offers.

Find out more about UCAS Extra.

Of course if you’ve been unsuccessful until now this doesn’t mean that you’re no good.

It means that you perhaps don’t understand what is required to create that successful art college portfolio.

Here at Portfolio Oomph I can do a portfolio review and give you honest, constructive feedback giving you a much better chance if you do decide to re-apply.

By studying my 1-2-1 package you too could be receiving offers from 5 of the top institutions in the UK (and more in the US), like my recent student has achieved. I’m saving this for another blog post – but it’s VERY exciting!

Hoping this finds you well and remember that if you’d like to discuss anything with me personally you can reach me here.

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