Learn About Creative Drawings!

Cindy Foley - creative drawings

Learn About Creative Drawings!

Have you ever said that – or heard it said?

Yesterday whilst talking to someone in the finance sector, I was reminded of this video.

The EXACT same scenario came up – you know the one, about the stick man! “I haven’t got a creative bone in my body – I can’t even draw a stick man!”

This is commented on in this fabulous TED talk about creativity by Cindy Foley (below) – please take a watch, it’s only 14 minutes long.

The essence of this video is what I foster in my students. Creating your art portfolio for college or university is so much more than being able to draw or not.

As creative individuals, we have a gift and it is OUR duty and obligation to get our gifts into the world for others to enjoy and/or use and to help shape the world with our THINKING. But it’s our thinking where my skills lie, in helping you to see ways to express YOU through your art.

I was also surprised to hear that this finance individual assumed that I knew and thought about financial planning in the same way as he and with the same (or similar) knowledge. It really couldn’t be further from the truth!

He also spoke about how he’d just discovered that he could buy HB and 1,2,3,4,5 and 6B pencils, how amazing this was to try some creative drawings. Now that is my world I thought – and I did say to him that really the life of a creative person is just that and it is a million miles away from the planning and thinking he was first discussed in his world. It kind of was ‘his world’ and ‘my world’.

I’m not sure I’m explaining myself very well. But my point was that every individual has a different perspective on the world and everyone’s experience of the world is totally unique. It is THIS that we aim to communicate through our art.

I also love the section in the Cindy Foley video above about her daughter and the MUD.

Our daughter came up with a very similar scenario a couple of years ago when she was about 8. We were out walking in the woods and she shouted over ‘Mummy, Mummy, come and look at this – I found some art!’

The picture below illustrates this story – yes, art – it totally depends on how you see things and what you’ve been exposed to. She’s seen lots of art in galleries that do look like this – maybe it is art! It’s also maybe how you THINK about art and what creative drawings can be.

creative drawings

If this gets you all confused, excited, frustrated, and needing to know more, then that’s great! That’s the creative process starting to kick in.

What immediate action could you possibly take?

Hoping this finds you well and remember that if you’d like to discuss anything with me personally you can reach me here.

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