28 Jan 2013
How to present and mount your work
Mounting your work for interview

So, you've applied to art college through UCAS if you're here in the UK. You’re off to your interview and you need to get your art college portfolio looking amazing because you’re going to get a place at the college of your dreams – yes! Good. Positive thinking we like. Remember that anything you show in your art college portfolio is really a reflection of you, your commitment to the course and ambition for your creative career. Take it seriously, spend some time making your portfolio shine and the rest should all fall into place.

If you are at school you may be used to mounting your work on black or coloured sugar paper, but this really is a no-no for art college – please don't. So is double mounting and mounting lots of things on one page, keep it white, keep it simple and don't spend too much money (we expand more in our book).

mountingOur 17 page eBook 'How to present and mount your work' has great visual examples and prepares you well for making of most of your art college portfolio. It covers: taking good care of your work – we’re talking ongoing ‘housekeeping’ to keep your work looking great, mounting and presenting 2D work – here we will discuss the practical elements of mounting your work, mounting and presenting irregular shaped work, mounting and presenting textile or relief (thick) work, presenting 3D or installation works and presenting digital works.

This book is a must if you care that your fantastic work for your art college portfolio needs to be shown at its best. I've seen really great work presented badly and it really does say to the tutors 'I don't really care about my work'. I've also seen poor work mounted really well and this says that I care, I'm bothered and am giving it my best shot'.

What a lovely eBook and such nice people to deal with. I am tempted to print off the eBook to have a hard copy. I'm long past being an art student but still the hints on mounting and presenting are most useful to me. Mike Cummings


You may well have already done a bit of mounting to get your digital portfolio looking good, if so, well done. We mentioned that this book also covers general 'house keeping' about looking after your work, rolling work, masking tape on corners and just things that are good practice and should be done on an ongoing basis. If you missed our Christmas holiday checklist of things to do in preparation for your interview it's here again below. You're interview is really important too, see our blog post on preparing for this chance to impress and talk about your fabulous portfolio!


We'd love to see any example of your beautifully mounted work before interview….post us a reply below with a link to your work – thanks!


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