23 Jan 2013
Art college interview
How to blow them away at interview

Now that you've done the application to UCAS you will be hoping to get an art school interview (or art college) over the coming weeks. You'll not be guaranteed an art school interview as some colleges now have an initial screening/selection by submission of a digital portfolio.

But if you've followed our advice in our many eBooks, eCourses and on our blog pages then hopefully you will be interviewed at your favourite college.

We've interviewed students at Edinburgh College of Art for entrance to the first year course for some 6 years. So we know how daunting it can be to have to big yourself up at your interview.

art college interview

It's important to be really prepared and our 10 page eBook 'How to blow them away at interview' covers everything you might need to know and more.  Buy it now at £11.50, don't leave it until the night before…. please. Read our testimonial below:

Your eBook 'How to blow them away at interview' really was a life saver. I was so nervous about getting an interview for art college and yet that was of course what I wanted. Before I read your eBook I didn't really know how to prepare, how to think about talking about my work or exhibitions that I like. But all the advice in the book was great, really down to earth and made the experience a little more bearable! Thank you. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone applying to art college. Lisa Anderson

You'll need to ensure that you've seen some exhibitions recently and that you're able to talk about them if asked. Our eBook helping you with your art college interview is really a must if you want to go to your interview with confidence and courage. It covers:

  • 1. What to wear! (is it really important?)
  • 2. What to do beforehand
  • 3. Know your portfolio and be able to speak about
  • 4. Common interview questions with some helpful tips on how to answer them
  • 5. Questions that you could ask that will show ingenuity and that you've done your homework
  • 6. What you should do during your art college interview (forgive us if that sounds obvious)
  • 7. What to do after your art college interview


Good luck!


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