Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity

Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity

Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity so, we were listening to Ed Sheeran on BBC’s Desert Island discs today and what he says about how he writes his songs can so easily be applied to the drawing.

Artists like Ed Sheeran don’t bring in two Grammys, four Brit awards, and global success for nothing. He’s mastered his creativity and what it takes to produce this success – so I think there’s no-one probably better to listen to!

Listen to Ed Sheeran about creativity

“I’ll try to write 4 or 5 songs in a day and just write them as fast as possible. If I’m in the album-making mode, it’ll be 4 or 5 songs a day and they’ll be no thought process, it’ll be just, ‘get a guitar and write a song’. And that’ll be 12 out of 100 might be good and that’s all you really need for an album. So yeah, I write a bunch and scrap a bunch.”

This is very much how you can start ANY art creative project and drawing is the simplest way to get started. But by producing quantity you get the quality that you need to be able to select the good stuff. Imagine you only produce 6 drawings for your portfolio. You might find you pretty much have to include all those 6 to get enough – and then you’ll be including work that perhaps isn’t your best.

But imagine if you have 50 drawings, you can choose the really best work and leave out probably at least 40 of those drawings. You HAVE to produce more work than you think you’ll need a really strong portfolio. To find out more about drawing and how YOU can produce quantity with EASE, so you can then select the quality, download our eCourse ‘Drawing Skills, exploration’.

To listen to the full Ed Sheeran podcast – sign up to the BBC website here.

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