Art sketchbook development – eBook

art sketchbook ideas

Art sketchbook development – eBook

Studying this eCourse on art sketchbook ideas will help you to:

Art sketchbook development

>> feel confident that the colleges that you’ve applied to will find the creative process demonstrated in your sketchbooks

>> learn how your sketchbooks play a vital role in the selection process for art college

>> explore and create sketchbooks that are individual to you

>> learn strong research skills in a number of areas relevant to your art sketchbook ideas

>> show knowledge of contemporary artists and designers relevant to your subject specialism

>> present your ideas in a concise manner

>> learn how to present your own critical judgment of your work

Sketchbooks in my eyes are the jewels in the portfolio. They give a glimpse into who you are, how you see the world and they provide information about your thinking and creative processes. They’re not presentation books of great work, they will have ‘bad’ pages and things in it that don’t work out. But this is the purpose, to show your experimentation and risk-taking – 2 important characteristics of a creative individual.

We recommend that you buy this with the eBook ‘Creating a sensational portfolio’ to ensure that you are exploring your full potential.

This 34-page eCourse is based on the successful face to face course that we have run for many years.

“One of the most useful things I learned from Portfolio Oomph was in terms of developing sketchbooks and really learning how to work in a sketchbook.

Having someone to really just talk through my ideas with. Because sometimes I would become confused and a bit lost on my project.

Having that guidance and support from someone who knows about the process and who knows how hard it is to get into art college was key” – Ellie Thomson (fashion student, ECA)

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