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Get Creative Sketchbook ideas

Get Creative Sketchbook ideas

We discovered 2 videos from the BBC this week on creative sketchbook ideas whilst writing our eCourse on Drawing skills; exploration.

As you will probably have discovered by now that sketchbooks are a hugely important part of your art college application and portfolio. Your sketchbooks should show your thought processes, how you tick, and offer an insight into your mind for the viewer! Sounds a bit weird. But really your sketchbooks are so important that you must have I would say at least 2 full ones to take with you to interview.

Sketchbooks are such as personal thing and to say that they must be a certain size is ridiculous. Anything from A6 to A3 will do, make sure you fill them, don’t take them with just a few pages completed. There doesn’t need to be a masterpiece on each page of your sketchbook and please don’t tear out pages that you don’t like! Your sketchbooks need to have mistakes as the most important thing that mistakes provide is a learning experience. You can use a sketchbook to draw in, write down thoughts, decisions you’ve made, tests and experiments that you’ve made with materials, etc. Creative sketchbook ideas should record the process of making art.

Take your sketchbook everywhere you go so if you have a smaller sketchbook (A5 or A6) you have no excuse! You never know when inspiration will hit and it’s best to be prepared…

Not alot more for me to say really, the artists here say it all – other than please watch them! And use them to help develop your own great creative sketchbook ideas.

If you have any suggestions for further links on the use of sketchbooks within an art practice, please leave us a message below.

Very inspiring….. click on the images to view them on the Times Educational Supplement website.

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