Ideal Art Portfolio for College

art portfolio for college

Ideal Art Portfolio for College

Studying this eCourse to build your art portfolio for college will help you to:

>> explore a range of materials confidently

>> identify exciting subjects to draw from

>> demonstrate your knowledge of contemporary artists and designers using drawing

>> begin to develop your own style/visual language

Build Perfect art portfolio for college

This 36 page eCourse covers practical exercises and drawing techniques for your art portfolio for college.

It will enable you to plan, research, and translate ideas through observational drawing for your art portfolio for college. It also enables you to be resourceful and effective in the creative uses of a range of drawing techniques, materials, and processes.

We talked preciously about Ed Sheeran having to produce the quantity you get the quality that you need to be able to select the good stuff.

Imagine you only produce 6 drawings for your portfolio. You might find you pretty much have to include all those 6 to get enough – and then you’ll be including work that perhaps isn’t your best. But imagine if you have 50 drawings, you can choose the really best work and leave out probably at least 40 of those drawings.

You HAVE to produce more work than you think you’ll need for a really strong portfolio and this eCourse guides you through this.

With different drawing techniques and skills, you can respond with a range of materials to anything you see or imagine. This is done usually but not always, in a 2-dimensional fashion.

We recommend that you use this eCourse in building your art portfolio for college in conjunction with our eBook ‘Creating a sensational portfolio’. This eBook covers the 4 essential elements of your art portfolio and the creative process that any art college will be looking for. We also offer many ideas about what you can draw as the skill is not only in being ABLE to draw but in the selection of the subject/idea.

As ever we have a Pinterest board devoted to drawing techniques where you can view all the images discussed in this course.

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