16 Aug 2013
The Big Draw
The Big Draw – drawing techniques

We are excited to be partnering with The Big Draw this year in delivering a workshop online that you can all take part in, for free! Anyone across the globe can take part using your GPS location tracking system on your mobile device along with a simple GPS Drawing app. This type of drawing technique is fun, experimental and really doesn't require any previous experience.

In true Portfolio Oomph style, we have a free eBook that guides you through the process of setting up the app and using your body position on the earth as your pencil!

You can get involved in this workshop as an individual, a group or if you are a teacher you could even use the eBook in your class with your children. This would introduce a great new drawing technique that they then could try at home with their parents.

So to get started you will need to download the eBook PDF below which will just open in a new tab/window. Please save it somewhere on your computer, tablet or phone immediately.



Take part in our online exhibition of GPS drawings

Once you have completed your drawings using this drawing technique, please send them to us to join our GPS gallery on our blog page*. You can either post them on our Facebook page. Or you can email them to us at:

Please include your name, country, age and title of the work if it has one (it could be the activity you were doing to create the drawing).

*Disclaimer: All credits will be made. By uploading your drawings to our Facebook page or emailing them for use on our blog, Portfolio Oomph reserves the right to use any of these drawings. They may be used in marketing materials, appearing either in printed documents or on related websites. Your consent of this condition is appreciated and will assist in the promotion of future events. Uploading your drawings signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


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