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Portfolio development tips

Portfolio development tips

Here at Portfolio Oomph we are totally committed to helping you with your portfolio and all our products are shown below. We also show how our products work together to making applying to art college as straightforward and painless as possible!

We’ve spent a lot of time researching what help there is currently out there online for potential art students like yourselves. We’ve done searches for ‘portfolio development tips’, ‘art college portfolio’, ‘interview advice for art college’, and many, many other scenarios. I think the answer is clear; not much. That is why we have developed Portfolio Oomph.

Portfolio development tips

To enable you to see at a glance what our portfolio development tips are, we have made this visual that sets out each bubble as an eBook or eCourse that we offer.

You can see that the essential eBook that underpins all that is expected in your art portfolio is ‘Creating a sensational art portfolio’. That’s what we all want to achieve right? This book gives you a simple formula as to the content of your art portfolio. This is the creative process that the art colleges are expecting to see your work follow. Many of our other books are essential to the creation of a sensational portfolio and are intersecting with this book in the illustration below. Those books that are not essential to a great portfolio are not intersecting and are placed more around the perimeter of the image. However, they will certainly give your portfolio more variety and would be very beneficial to many of you with interests in these areas.

We also have some fantastic resources on our Pinterest page where we’ve got boards that cover all subject areas and the eBooks and eCourses that we offer.

We post daily on our Facebook page lots of interesting artworks, opportunities, and a bit of fun too! It’s all there to widen your perspective on the art world and feed into your portfolio.

We Tweet, (not so regularly as Facebook I might add) but please follow us if you’re a curious type.

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