4 Jan 2013
Life drawing for art college
Life drawing classes in East Lothian

Our portfolio building and life drawing workshops in East Lothian at the John Gray Centre have been a great success, we've now finished up for the holidays and we resume on January 11. Here's a couple of photos from our last session, rather sparsely attended as it was their Christmas dance the previous night and only the hardcore could stand the pace! Well done ladies.

One question that I get asked all the time is 'Do I need to have life drawing in my portfolio?' The answer is no not at all. There is often the belief that life drawing is essential in a portfolio and this is not the case. Of course, if you are particularly good at life drawing, enjoy it and it is important to the understanding of your overall creative drive then do include.

But reasons not to include life drawing are if you don’t enjoy it as very often this shows by poor drawing with little energy. If you don’t enjoy life drawing and therefore the drawings are weak then why include them just because you think the colleges want to see it? Far better to put in some drawings of other subject matter that you are really inspired by, you enjoy and therefore your drawing skills hopefully will reflect that.

I would however ask this question to college staff when you visit on their Open Days.

We've had a bit of press in the East Lothian Courier since we started (see below) and hope to be able to add to this with an article in the East Lothian Council publication Art News in the New Year. I particularly like Councillor Tim Day's position of cabinet member for community wellbeing associated with what we are doing as creativity can have an immense contribution to your personal wellbeing.

Portfolio building workshops in Haddington, East Lothian

Portfolio building workshops in Haddington, East Lothian

East Lothian Courier 27 November 2012


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