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Understanding the difference between art and design and their various subjects makes getting into art school a challenge as we all know.

If you’re struggling to decide which subject to study at art school or university, then rest assured this is normal.

An art foundation course is designed to help you here, giving you a taste of many subjects offered at art college that you just wouldn’t get to try at school.

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Studying this eBook will help you to:

>> understand the differences between fine art and design and other arts degree subjects.

>> understand the day to day activities in such disciplines/careers.

>> question how you like to work – self motivated or client motivated.

>> realise the simliarities between some subject areas.

Portfolio Oomph is based in Scotland and the system here is that you apply straight from school for a 4 year degree at art college. In previous years the first year used to be a general course, similar to a foundation course. However, most colleges now require that you choose between Fine Art and Design and some are asking for a specific subject. Therefore, they want you to apply for your specialist arts degree subjects right from the off!

This can be a huge obstacle in getting into art school. It’s quite a difficult decision to make at this stage in your education. Especially if you’ve not been exposed to many of the subjects on offer.

But sometimes, even after doing an art foundation course you might still feel it’s difficult to decide which arts degree subjects to apply for.

Our 5 page eBook helps you to iron out a few issues. It also gives you some points to consider whilst doing your research and making that decision.

It’s also worth checking out our careers page. At the bottom are some great links to descriptions of careers in the creative industries. These are sure to help you.

Buy Now £9.50


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