24 Sep 2014
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Contemporary art at Jupiter Artland

It's been a while since my last visit to Jupiter Artland. however it's a best place to find contemporary art in Edinburgh in my opinion. I am all up for mixing a bit of 'work' with pleasure as we visited on my birthday. However, I don't view art, galleries and the like being work as I think if you're a creative type then you just can't get enough of it!

The Generation exhibition was the big draw to be honest. Showing across the whole of Scotland – 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland.

It is a great place to visit with all members of the family, especially good for introducing children to contemporary art. Jake Chapman of the art duo Jake and Dinos Chapman, recently aired in the Guardian his opinion that taking children to galleries is a complete waste of time. Controversial. And realising that this was published just days before of their new exhibition opening, that it was perhaps a publicity stunt, in rather bad taste I feel.

contemporary art in edinburgh contemporary art in edinburgh Mick Peter - Jupiter Artland Andy Goldsworthy at Jupiter Artland contemporary art in edinburgh beautiful landscapes around Jupiter Artland contemporary art in edinburgh Finding our way around Jupiter Artland Charles Jenks - Jupiter Artland Charles Jenks - Jupiter Artland Jim Lambie - Jupiter Artland Art studio at Jupiter Artland

Not only does Jupiter make art so much more accessible to all but it engages visitors in the experience of art in its environment. Something intrinsically different to visiting art in a gallery.

Their education programme is supported by their Foundation that aims to reach all in society, in particular children.  With a fabulous art classroom, wee art caravan for more informal creating and a new app available for download they really are committed to the Foundation's mission to get every school child to Jupiter Artland for free.

As you can see from the photos our 6 year old daughter was thoroughly engaged in all the pieces. It challenged her perception of what she was seeing and as all young children do, she asked many, many questions. What is art if it doesn't make you think and question life?

My question to Jake Chapman is, do you have children? If so, he should realise the importance of taking children to galleries and realise the value.


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