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Banksy art exhibition ‘Cut and Run’

Banksy art

Banksy art exhibition ‘Cut and Run’

Banksy art at Gallery of Modern Art

The Banksy art exhibition “Cut and Run” was a real feast of delights.

If you’re in school there’s no doubt that you will have studied the work of Banksy at some point.

This is usually in National 5 art and design or GCSE art and design.

And one of the most important things I can stress upon anyone wishing to apply for art college or Uni, is to get out and see art in the flesh.

Not online. Not even in a book 😮

I went with our 15 year old daughter to see the Banksy ‘Cut and Run’ exhibition at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.




If you’re engaging with art in galleries there’s a totally different experience going on. And this was quite something.

It’s been a sell-out event, tickets even available through the night at weekends.

We had to put our phones in a locked pouch so we didn’t take photos, which at first I was a bit annoyed about ’cause you know, we all like a good photo opportunity!

However, there were stewards at one points in the gallery taking polaroids if you wanted…(see photos)

However, there were stewards at one points in the gallery taking polaroids if you wanted…(see photos)

Everyone was so engaged, the text and information panels were fabulous. It gave you an understanding of some of the events surrounding the installation of the pieces and processes that Banksy goes through both in the art and living as an artist who’s identity remains unconfirmed and the subject of speculation.

And for me this is critical in understanding about how other artists work, how art pieces come to fruition.

Because it gives you an idea of how you can communicate your ideas.

With the work being the stencils, some of the pieces had been kind of re-created to demonstrate how it looks.

I’ll never get to see all his pieces in the flesh, and it was a fabulous exhibition that left us both reeling in amazement and delight at Banksy’s perceptions and views of society.

To see art in the flesh is SO important.

I advise this in my PLAN CREATE SUCCEED portfolio preparation course. It’s essential for your UCAS statement also for your full appreciation of the artists work.

portfolio preparation course

And I know this wasn’t ‘in the flesh’ but to work in galleries, site specific and performance based work is just so important.

It isn’t the same as seeing it on Instagram, Facebook and wherever you get your art fix.

And the fact that this exhibition WON’T be online (due to confiscated phones!) added to the mystery and intrigue.

What’s on in the galleries near you this weekend? And are you going to go?

If you don’t get to see it, the catalogue is excellent also – everything we saw is in it…minus the experience

Julie Read

This article was written by Julie Read, a leading educator in the Creative Industries, as featured in The Guardian newspaper, on a mission to create a legacy to ‘unlock your creative genius’.

My passion and mission is your art portfolio, to help to get you that place at college or university.

CLARITY, in particular around the creative process, sketchbooks, and what the Colleges actually want to see are the founding principles.

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