What if you fail?

art courses in college

What if you fail?

Art courses in college.

Now that most, but not all, applications are in, how do you feel?

Are you confident?


Do you feel deep down you’ll possibly not get a place?

I think most of you have probably read my story of rejection – but I honestly never saw it coming.

I had done well at school in my A Levels, my Foundation year was also going well but I don’t think I actually gave any thought to what I’d do if I didn’t get in.

Until – it happened!

What I didn’t know was exactly how competitive these art courses in college are.

Only yesterday I was talking to a parent about the statistics of acceptance rates in the Scottish Unis / Art Colleges.

And she was surprised at just how many applications there are for so few places.

I make Freedom of Information requests from time to time to see how these stats are – some of this info is actually on the Unis websites if you delve about.

So here’s some numbers for you – to help you IF you don’t get a place.

Also, check out my portfolio preparation for art college course that will certainly give you a huge boost and give you the chance to iron out and rectify any problems with your work.

You’ll see how competitive these art courses in college are and you can try again – and up your game.

art courses in college

If you DO get an offer then see how bloody well you did!

2018 entry:
ECA art and design – 5407 applications, 282 acceptances (they made 727 offers) that’s an approx. 13% offer rate.

DJCAD first year general course – 1151 applications, 158 acceptances (they made 240 offers) that’s an approx. 20.9% offer rate.

GSA art and design (excluding product design BEng/MEng) – 4265 applications, 470 acceptances (they made 833 offers) that’s an approx. 19.5% offer rate.

Grays art and design – 1149 applications, 348 acceptances (they made 534 offers) that’s an approx. 46.5% offer rate.

Remember not all offers are accepted as you can have up to 5 applications in UCAS.

These stats say nothing about the quality of the education at each institution.

They just say how popular these institutions are.

And this year, who knows what the numbers will be since Covid and peoples’ attitudes to travel, future careers and life changes etc.

So what I’m saying to you is, what I say to ALL the students that I mentor – is to have a back-up plan.

Check out the art courses in college at your local Further Education College asap and see what is available, Foundation, HNC/D, so that you’re not left high and dry come Sept.

Applications will be due in soon and digital portfolios will be the new norm.

Here’s Edinburgh College’s application and digital folio info, hot off the press.

I wish you all the best of luck, those of you who have made applications this year – I’d LOVE to hear about your successes.

Finally, if you’re unsure about how to go about getting your portfolio in tip top shape then check out my portfolio preparation for art college course.

Julie Read

This article was written by Julie Read, a leading educator in the Creative Industries, as featured in The Guardian newspaper, on a mission to create a legacy to ‘unlock your creative genius’.

My passion and mission is your art portfolio, to help to get you that place at college or university.

CLARITY, in particular around the creative process, sketchbooks, and what the Colleges actually want to see are the founding principles.

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