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Christmas holiday checklist

art college portfolio

Christmas holiday checklist

Get organised with your art college portfolio

Christmas holidays? Oh yes it is – Oh no it isn’t! Your art college portfolio is waiting for your attention……

He, he, just a little bit of fun. You’re right, it is time to wind down, relax and enjoy time with your family etc. But if you can do just a few of the things on this checklist before you head back to school or college in January you will be getting one step ahead of the game with your art college portfolio. You will also give yourself some breathing space when your application to art college really kicks off at interview time.

From our experience it’s best to get started on putting your art college portfolio and UCAS application as soon as you can do. This means before and over the Christmas break if you are applying to courses where the deadline is around the 15 January. (Check out the UCAS site to ensure that you’ve got the right application date for your art college application. Some art college’s have a January deadline, others a March deadline).

Imagine, you’ve not yet started your personal statement, you’ve not starting photographing your work if you’re submitting a digital portfolio. You get back to school in January and it only gives a couple of weeks maximum to get your art college portfolio photographed and personal statement written. Your teacher has to help 5-10 students all do this, aghh, meltdown! Get started now!

Use our resources ‘How to present and mount your work’, ‘Writing your personal statement’ and ‘How to blow them away at interview’ to help you win that place at art college and still be sane!

Happy Christmas!

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