8 Nov 2013
ucas personal statement word limit
This weekend – start drafting your UCAS personal statement

Whilst mentoring this week we've worked with 3 students and the one thing that has been discussed with all 3 is getting started writing your UCAS personal statement.

Whilst you might think there's loads of time before the deadline of 15 Jan 2014 there is also a lot of other stuff you need to get right too. Get this done early and you can forget about it and start thinking and doing all the work that needs to be done to get your portfolio up to scratch.

You might also have your teachers breathing down your back as they have to write a supporting statement also and they may have deadlines for you as they'll need to see your UCAS personal statement before they write theirs (if you know what I mean!).

Our advice is to download and read our eBook below. It's important that it sounds like you have written your UCAS personal statement, which of course you have. So don't let your teachers or parents get too involved (meant with the best intentions!) however it is good to get someone to look over it.

Your aims.

In your UCAS personal statement your aims are to get across your interest in the course/s, your skills, your potential and your knowledge of the area that you're applying for. The final point, being knowledgeable about artists and designers who are working in the area that your interested in – fashion for example. Contemporary is best as the Colleges want to see that you are current, not what happened in years gone by (although this can be an important part of what you are interested in).

If you haven't already look at some contemporary artists and designers then get cracking. You can view lots of really exciting artists work on our Pinterest pages, create an account and start collecting your own boards of great art.

Our 11 page eBook covers 3 great ideas for something different to write in your UCAS personal statement that will show your ingenuity and your potential in art. It has do's and don'ts of writing statements, compiled by a tutor who has read, deliberated, cogitated and digested 100's of personal statements, good and bad! Take a preview here.

 'Writing your personal statement' – eBook


Thanks (a good deal) to Portfolio Oomph my daughter has portfolio drops/interviews at all 5 colleges she applied for including Kingston and Central St. Martins. She has also been offered a place at Ravensbourne College.

'Writing your personal statement' eBook was absolutely well worth the money. I only wish I'd known about it sooner. I will certainly recommend your website to friends in the future. Linda Hill.


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