19 Dec 2013
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Sketchbook development eCourse now available!

We have spent months preparing this eCourse and now it is finally available for you to download from our website. Sketchbooks are somewhat a mystery to many, how do I work in them, what should be in them, what are they for? These are questions we are asked over and over which is why we’ve developed this course to help anyone who is working in sketchbooks for their application to art college.

Having run this course a number of times face to face from Off the Rails Arthouse in Ladybank, Fife, we felt it was time to get it out digitally, so here it is.

From the course we hope that you will realise that there is no set way to work in your sketchbooks. There are suggestions of how you can work, but each sketchbook from each student should be individual. However, there are important aspects that a sketchbook should show and the colleges will be looking for this when they review your portfolio.

We have the eCourse on offer until 24 Dec at £14.99 when it will return to its full price of £19.99. Get yours and find out more about how it can help you with your art college

Sketchbook development eCourse


The feedback that we had from when we've run this course face to face is great, take a read of some of the comments.

I really enjoyed being shown some new artists that were really inspirational, being shown lots of new techniques for sketchbooks and talking through ideas with the class and teacher.

Having my mind opened to visual stimuli and how to record it in a sketchbook and get inspiration from everything around me was really useful.

It would be great to get a follow up session to see how we are all progressing and further advice. I really can't wait to get going! Heather Allen


The course was unlike anything I'd studied in school which was refreshing and very inspiring. It inspired me to look at things differently, develop ideas and expand my sketchbook techniques. Hannah Cowcher


I enjoyed the relaxed but proactive atmosphere, learning new techniques and the tutor support when feeling stuck.

It was really useful seeing other people working and getting feedback/ideas from the tutor. I feel quite excited to take what I've learnt here further and do more workshops. I would definitely recommend Portfolio Oomph. Margaret Hume.


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