9 Jun 2016
Ivan Midzic artist and jewellery designer
Meet the artist/designer Ivan Midzic

As part of our new blog post theme, that of ‘Meet the art teacher/artist’ each month we will highlight either an art teacher/tutor, artist or designer maker and ask a handful of questions, nothing too serious but something that could encourage some interaction between art teachers, artists also college tutors.

Welcome arrtist/designer Ivan Midzic, I bought a piece of his jewellery whilst on holiday last year in Croatia and I absolutely love his work. Having agreed to do this interview for us and now reading more about Ivan, it makes my ring now even more special, I love his food answers! I also have a very special connection with this part of the world when I did some cultural aid work in 1996 after the Bosnian War.

If you would like to take part or know someone who would then download the questions here and fire them back to us at:

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1. Who are you and where do you work?
My name is Ivan Midzic, I live in Zagreb, Croatia, with my wife and two children. I am a sculptor and jewellery designer.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be an art teacher/tutor/artist?
I cannot tell if it was a decision or something else. I was 21 years old and felt a need to create. I've always known I had talent for fine arts but I have never given much attention to it.

3. Where and what did you study?
I studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, bachelor degree and then got my master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I spent one semester at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA, which was a very good experience for me.

Ivan Midzic artist and jewellery designer

© image Ivan Mizdic

4. What is the best thing about being an art teacher/tutor/artist?

5. How would you describe your style (clothes, art, home….whichever you choose)
My jewellery is kind of rustic. I like to leave material as it is, not make it more beautiful, I find materials I work with beautiful as they are. I leave traces of pliers, without bothering about the scratches. Also in life I do not ponder about style, if I like something, I consume it. For example, I listen all sorts of music from punk to classical music. My wife laughs when I turn on some pathetic opera theme or French chanson and says I am in touch with my feminine side.

Ivan Midzic artist and jewellery designer Ivan Midzic artist and jewellery designer Ivan Midzic artist and jewellery designer

© image Ivan Mizdic 

6. Do you listen to music while you're working? If so, what?
Yes, I listen to music a lot, it is very important to me and I enjoy it very much. As I already said, I chose different styles, punk-rock, jazz, pop, classical, French chansons. Music is a very direct experience that provokes instant emotions.

7. Which artist or designer inspires you most and why?
I am not inspired by other artists. I enjoy their work and some of them I respect very much. I like to see contemporary art but I have to admit that during my last visit to Paris I was quite impressed by Van Gogh, I spent a lot of time in front of his paintings. It is same as music.

8. If you could give one bit of advice to your 18-year-old self, what would it be?
I do not feel competent to share advice even to my younger self!

9. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become an artist or designer?
This is not advice but my personal experience and thinking. If you have an internal need for creative work, this is a good sign to pursue your path in arts. Lots of work must follow. To be recognised as an artist is a different story, you just work, try to exhibit and wait and see what will happen – it turns out differently for each artist.

10. What's your greatest achievement?
My family. We are happy and live in harmony.

11. What three things would you still like to do before you die?
I do not want share my goals, they are intimate.

12. What's your favourite food?
Fried eggs, I am just thinking about it, I am hungry and as soon as I finish this interview, I will fry a few. I like cakes also.

13. Where was the last place you went on holiday?
To the Croatian coast, it is near, my wife is from there and I don't  need much money and time to reach it. I don't spend more than four days on holiday, I am bit of a workaholic.

14. What was the last book you read?
I read a lot about history.

15. What is your biggest distraction?
I don't know, I am very focused on my work.

16. If you ruled the world, what single act would you carry out.
I really don't know, I wouldn't like to be in that position.

17. Do you have any regrets?
No, I live a happy life and if everything was supposed to be as it was, so be it.

18. In no more than five words, write your own epitaph. (Optional!)



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