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Grayson Perry eat your heart out!

Grayson Perry eat your heart out!

Our daughter had a lovely tea set painting kit for her Christmas last year and we’ve finally got around to painting it today, well, she did with Dad.

It’s the Easter holidays here in Scotland and of course, we’re trying to find lots of interesting stuff to do before we go on holiday next week.

Get Inspired by Grayson Perry

I won’t pretend that this is a deep, advice-giving blog post, no, it’s just a post about a lovely intuitive, loose painting by a 5-year old that I wish we could all still achieve sometimes.

The first thing Dad said was Grayson Perry eat your heart out – made me laugh – we’ll see!

If you don’t know the work of Grayson Perry, take a look below and on the Saatchi website. “Grayson Perry’s urns are created with amazing skill and intricacy: their surfaces richly textured from designs marked into the clay. Followed by intricately complicated glazing and photo-transfer techniques. Perry makes ceramic pots, hand-stitched quilts, and outrageous dress designs, creating a cosmopolitan folk-art.”

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