how to make an art portfolio for university

How many pieces of work should I have in my art college portfolio?

How many pieces of work should I have in my art college portfolio?

Again there are really no hard and fast rules about how many pieces of work you should have in your art college portfolio.

Some colleges have a pre-selection in the form of digital uploads that you need to submit to show them a ‘mini portfolio’.

Check out with the college what they expect here as this is usually limited to a certain number of pieces. I would say to you that you need to be careful in selecting your work, don’t put everything in just because you’ve done it.

Also, don’t have an army of helpers bringing in truck loads of stuff. Limit it to what you can carry – please! Get someone to help you select pieces for your art college portfolio, your tutor or teacher should be doing this anyway. If you’re not currently at college or school then try to get someone who you trust to help you – but not too many opinions because this can be counter productive. For more guidance read our eBook on how to make an art portfolio for college or university.


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