16 Sep 2012
Andy Murray
Andy Murray in Dunblane

OK, I know this is slightly off the subject, but I have to share with you my weekend antics in Dunblane seeing Andy Murray come home after his amazing summer of success.

We had a difficult choice to make, Chris Hoy and other Olympians from Team GB in Edinburgh, just up the road, or Andy Murray in Dunblane 50 miles away. The choice was obvious seeing as we're great tennis fans.

The rain of course was doing its best to dampen the mood but I was so amazed at the mood of the crowds, no-one really cared and just as the open top bus with Andy and his entourage appeared, the sky cleared and it was a dry afternoon for his walkabout. And what a walkabout he did, he must have spent at least 2 hours walking the streets signing countless autographs (I did get one!) and giving back what his fans really wanted to see.

Andy Murray in Dunblane

Part of what I wanted to talk about though is that determination to succeed that he clearly shows. He wanted to win so badly, finally it came good. I'm sure you know what I am aluding to – that if you want to be on the road to art college and a creative future you can do it too if you want it bad enough. It takes really hard work, living, eating, breathing it, but if you want it, why not go for it, you've nothing to lose.

Andy Murray Dunblane

This day will be etched on my memory forever. In a strange kind of way I thought I knew him as I've watched him play so many times and when I shook his hand and congratulated him I somehow thought he'd say 'thanks Julie', but he looked at me like any stranger would, as if he had no idea who I was but that's the nature of the media I suppose – they're in our front room, part of the family. I've heard that there will be a baby boom following the Olympics this summer as everyone's been so happy. I can truely believe it, we were chatting to folk today like they were our best friends, the atmosphere was absolutely electric!

Think I'm a bit star struck!

me and Andy Murray!


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