16 Jun 2012
Portfolio Oomph mentoring
The subject of mentoring has cropped up in conversation a number of times with a number of people in the past week or so. I meet on the last Wednesday of each month with a very good friend Sam Miller to support each other with our new businesses, that of Portfolio Oomph and Sam Miller UK. Working from home on a business or as an artist alone can be quite isolating and as you have no colleagues to bounce ideas around with, you can get rather stuck in a rut from time to time. It’s been really good to get some objective support from someone I trust and value. This being exactly the function of the mentoring service including portfolio advice that Portfolio Oomph offers to students seeking to apply to art college. What is mentoring? Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. Mentoring is about one person helping another to achieve something. More specifically, something that is important to them and in our case providing portfolio advice and support. It is about giving help and support in a non-threatening way, in a manner that the recipient will appreciate and value and that will empower them to move forward with confidence towards what they want to achieve. How can it help? Having signed up to the Business Mentoring Scotland for a business mentor to assist with the development of Portfolio Oomph, I wanted to write a little bit about the value of this type of arrangement in my own experience of receiving support but also mentoring students with Portfolio Oomph . I have had only one session with my mentor and already just having someone else on board so to speak who has a genuine interest in the business is great. We have another meeting scheduled for one months time where I will have acted on the issues we discussed as needing attention – this being time management and prioritising. In the 2 weeks since we met, I have written 2 eBooks, established Portfolio Oomph’s mentoring scheme and started mentoring/coaching one new client and developed a more strategic plan to drive traffic to the website. Along with the usual day to day activities of keeping ontop of our social media activity – not to mention looking after our 4 year old daughter! This week I had my first mentoring session with a new client. I anticipate that for him, having someone to answer to in a way, will aid his plan of going to art college, provide some goals and structure to his time and with each meeting this will inspire and instil confidence in his creative practice. It was a highly interesting and positive meeting for me – great being able to offer my years of portfolio advice to him. How can Portfolio Oomph help? With our mentoring and art classes Edinburgh. If you are working preparing a portfolio for application to art college alone then the whole process can seem quite daunting. Who do you ask for impartial portfolio advice? Does that person have a good insight into what the art colleges are looking for in an applicant? Even if you are at school or on a portfolio preparation course then it can sometimes still be quite difficult. Our mentoring is goal orientated – that of getting a place at art college. Together, we establish a focused, personal development plan. If you would like to benefit from the Portfolio Oomph mentoring scheme please do get in touch via the website or telephone us on 07815 810797 and we can discuss your requirements. Take a look at our ABOUT page to see how Portfolio Oomph’s extensive experience of supporting and interviewing students at entrance level, creating course materials and tutoring students in an online environment can help you! Finally, here is a lovely portrait of my family and I by Sam Miller UK, a gift for my 40th birthday…why not commission for your family? Sam Miller UK  


2 thoughts on “Portfolio Oomph mentoring

  1. Sam Miller

    Hi Julie,
    Great article and thanks so much for mentioning me and my work. I find our monthly meetings invaluable and I would highly recommend you as a mentor.
    good luck with everything,
    Best wishes,


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