If you’re looking for support and you live in Scotland we offer mentoring / private art lessons in Edinburgh on a face to face basis. If you are further afield we can work by Skype, email and telephone.

Mentoring through our private art lessons is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective. We use this to foster the creative growth of students through our mentoring and art classes Edinburgh.

Mentoring is about us helping you to achieve something; more specifically, something that is important to you – getting into art college. We empower you to move forward with confidence towards what you want to achieve.

Our Mentoring Story

In the past 3 years we've worked with 31 students helping them to gain 50 places for art and design courses in the UK.

We have 3 very special stories that we'd like to share with you about students who've achieved outstanding results, which at first seemed unattainable.

Read on about our first mentoring story and Lachlan's parents take on it – Lachlan didn't study art at school and went on to study at Glasgow School of Art.

You may well have watched the video at the top of the page, if not I urge you to. Ellie achieved 5 places at the some of the top colleges in the UK for fashion, the most competitive subject at art college.

Finally we worked with Yashi, an Indian student for her international application over the summer to build a portfolio in just 5 weeks. We worked face to face then by Skype and email once she returned to India. She's now studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Read more here.

call us on 07815 810797

Private Lessons In Edinburgh

If you are working preparing a portfolio for application to art college alone then the whole process can seem quite daunting. Who do you ask for impartial advice about your work? Does that person have a good insight into what the art colleges are looking for in an applicant? Even if you are at school or on a portfolio preparation course then it can sometimes still be quite difficult.

Our private art lessons are goal orientated – that of getting a place at art college.

>>WHAT DO WE DO? Together, we establish a focused, personal development plan.

>>HOW DO WE DO IT? After an initial hour long meeting Portfolio Oomph establishes a contract that sets out your requirements from Portfolio Oomph. This details our interpretation of your requirements and the support that we can offer. Importantly, we provide some action points for you to get started on a more focused path. It also sets out the arrangements for meeting which can be flexible for example: on an ongoing, regular basis or just as and when you feel you need support.

>>HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Mentoring sessions are charged at £40 / hour (and £20 per part/half hour), payable in cash only at the end of each session please. If we are working by Skype our sessions are charged at £45 / hour and payment to be made prior to the session.

>>WHERE DOES IT HAPPEN? All coaching meetings will take place at the Portfolio Oomph studio. This is to allow for access to materials, books and other resources. If travelling from Edinburgh we are served by Lothian buses route 29, Borders buses route X95 and now we have a rail link which is a short 20 minute train trip on the Borders Railway Tweedbank line. (Full address is 16 Park Road, Newtongrange, Midlothian. EH22 4JW). Mentoring is also offered by Skype.

>>HOW DO I ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT? You can call us on 07815 810797, email us through our contact page or click the book appointment button below to book online (there is also the opportunity to write a message with your booking)

Book an appointment with Portfolio Oomph using SetMore

Portfolio Oomph does not offer refunds on any of its products or services. Portfolio Oomph offers you the best possible chance of creating a portfolio that will secure you a place at art college. However we cannot guarantee that by using our learning materials/mentoring services that you will be accepted to art college. The website, its content and all mentoring services are a support to aid your application, not a passport to a place.

Julie Read (Portfolio Oomph) has PVG Scheme Membership with Disclosure Scotland

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