21 Feb 2018
Dyslexia and Creativity
Creative Dyslexic Network

We're getting very excited about our event on dyslexia and creativity, a new partnership with Dyslexia Scotland – Creative Dyslexic Network.

This event (details below) is being held for Dyslexic creatives who need support forwarding their creative futures and/or generic job searches.As creatives, we all know that sometimes identifying our skills, other than being able make art, can be challenging. We're very aware of what we can do in the studio, the workshop and gallery spaces, but how does this relate to the world of employment? And add dyslexia into the mix then some clear and structured support with tools and strategies to make this easier is essential.

So read more about the workshop and we hope to see some of you there. If you're reading this an are not dyslexic but feel this kind of workshop would be of benefit to you, please contact us as we do have plans to develop other workshops in the near future.

We've worked hard last summer to create a range of 15 videos that explore the transferable and employability skills that you adopt in a creative practice. Take a look at our Youtube playlist 'Employability bites' here.

(This partnership follows a blog post that we were invited to write back in 2017 about Dyslexia and applying for art school/college. The general notion of the blog post is how much organisation, planning, deadline meeting there is with art college applications these days.) 

If you’d like to know more about the event, or want to book a place, please contact    01786 435128


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