5 May 2017
Julie Read - why I started Portfolio Oomph
Why I started Portfolio Oomph

We're coming to you here from an absolutely gorgeous, sunny Edinburgh – spring is here! 

I just really wanted to share with you a little bit this morning about why I started up Portfolio Oomph, and we've been running now for two or three years. And I used to work at Edinburgh College of Art in the First Year Department and part of the job was to interview candidates for First Year.

But another part of the job was really doing outreach work and going to schools, mainly schools, and talking to parents and the applicants, the pupils about an art portfolio, about applying to Edinburgh College of Art and how they might put their application together, their portfolio. So that was all really interesting but the same questions kept coming up and up again, you know. How do I create this individual portfolio?

So, it took till, sort of, 2009 when I had our daughter and I left Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. And I began to think, you know, that all these questions that were being asked at these evenings at the schools. There weren't many answers and I felt you know, if I had a young person who was interested in applying to art college, then where would they get support, other than their teachers, of course.

So that was really why I set up Portfolio Oomph. I wanted a hub that was accessible for people all over the country, all over the world. And it was really and advice centre that I wanted to set up. So we have eBooks and eCourses with lots of free advice on the Blog.

But that was really why I set it up was to try and reach as many people as possible with the insight that I had from being a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art and interviewing students for First Year.

So, that's a bit about my story and I just wanted to also say to you that we have a new online Portfolio Preparation Course that we're designing that will be available shortly, end of the summer probably. It's five months long, it's 100% online and you can study it and it will build, help build your portfolio for Art College including your UCAS Statement, the whole shebang.

Take a look on this link below and let us know if you'd like to chat further about if it's right for you.

Online Portfolio Preparation Course.


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