4 Oct 2017
Getting dates and procedures in order

Use our chart to check what's required and when.

We had a couple of great evening seminars over the past couple of weeks, one at Stills Gallery and one at Dundee Contemporary Arts. The general feedback was that there is SO much to consider between the Colleges with different requirements, procedures, dates etc. 

So, we've made this chart that outlines the main differences – at a glance. And the main thing that you NEED to take away from this is that you need to double check all this info yourself – don't take my word for it, because procedures do change some years and this chart is based on my experience with students last year. Up to date information is on the Colleges individual websites, we've checked these but research, research, research is your responsibility too.

Art College application dates and procedures, Scotland

Whilst you're doing your research, you will also note that different subjects want to see a folio with a different slant – so again, please check out the subject pages to get as much information as you can do. There is no point in applying for product design and submitting lots of paintings and life drawings. They want to see that you know your stuff about product design – GSA have great examples of their subject/course pages in the form of a PDF to download. This can give you ideas and guidance but it's not to copy.

Anyway, we hope this is useful and it springs you into action to get out there to start your research into exactly what is required. It will also hopefully inspire you to get cracking with your folio.

If this has done the opposite and you feel overwhelmed (which is quite possible) and you need some support please do get in touch. We work one to one mentoring many students who feel some extra guidance is needed – Emily for example below.

Sally Lyall testimonial

We hope this helps……please contact us if you need to ask any questions and chat further about your portfolio and application.


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