9 Apr 2014
Waverley Line Open Studios
Waverley Line Open Studios

It might all seem quite quiet here whilst students are attending interviews and waiting to find out if they have any offers.  However, behind the scenes there has been a lot of activity on a personal creative level.

From 10 – 4pm on 10 May, I and 4 other artists are opening our studios for the first Waverley Line Open Studios, in Eskbank, Newtongrange and Mayfield.

Waverley Line Open Studios

I've been having a re-think about my creative practice and have been channeling my energy into some new areas recently.

Bibi design brings you luxury products, hand designed, digitally printed and made in Scotland using designs inspired by life and nature in Midlothian. The name you might recognise as our daughter's, a huge inspiration to me.

Products include indulgent velvet cushions, beautiful silk scarves and a range of stationery.

I hope that you'll find it interesting and please share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Waverley Line Open Studios - Bibi Design

Here's our press release:

Have you ever wondered how a maker or artist works? Satisfy your curiosity and follow the trail with our map around Eskbank, Newtongrange and Mayfield to visit 5 artists and makers in their studios.

From luxury hand-designed digitally printed cushions and scarves to award winning steel sculpture, from Scottish tea towels to beautiful handmade blankets and textile accessories; you can meet the artists and enjoy their products. You can even make a purchase or commission unique artworks!

Waverley Line Open Studios

Waverley Line Open Studios has been established primarily to promote and support professional artists and designer/makers in the area. By making our studios accessible to the public, inviting visitors to engage with us and see first-hand how we run our creative practices, our sources of inspiration and our methods we aim to raise awareness and value of the creative industries in the area.

Waverley Line Open Studios

This event is named after the Waverley Line Railway that on 6 January 1969 was closed. The reopening of this line planned for 2015 will link the Scottish Borders with Midlothian and Edinburgh – the longest rail re-opening project in modern British history.

Julie Read, one of the founding artists says, 'The re-opening of this line will assist with the potential for economic growth in the area and encourage an increase in tourism. Our event is the first of its kind in the area and we are keen for the creative industries to be playing a part in these 2 important aspects of the area's development.'

Alongside the new arts festival MidFest in Midlothian the artists hope to raise the profile of the area for visual arts and creativity.

Please visit our website or Facebook page for more information on the artists, maps and to sign up to our mailing list.

Participating artists and websites:

Julie Read – Bibi Design and Portfolio Oomph:

Kiki Pearson – End of Terrace Trading:

Julia Laing – Materialised:

Andrea Geile:

Kirsty Palmer – Block Art:


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