30 Aug 2017
Vanessa Bullick ceramics
Vanessa Bullick ceramics

Just a little shout out for an artist/ceramicist that I have had my eye on her work for a while.

I have to say, I don't buy a lot of artists work, so this is a real treat – well, it was a treat for my birthday from my family.

Supporting real, living artists is really important and the benefits of owning original art are huge. If you are lucky enough to own a piece of original art, there is no doubt that one of the greatest benefits is the feelings that it can give you.

We had an email shortly after this post was published from a student who wants to study ceramics in Scotland, preferably. The sad thing is, that there are no longer any undergraduate specialism degree programmes in ceramics. They are also in short supply around the UK – at the time of writing only available at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Staffordshire University, Bath Spa University (joint), Plymouth College of Art (with glass), University of the Arts London, University of Sunderland and Ulster University.

If you're interested in ceramics as a degree then you need to do your research, figure out what you want to do with your ceramics (which is tricky if you don't have much experience of it) and dig about to get the info you need. It might be that you can undertake a modern apprenticeship in ceramics manufacturing or within a pottery. If you want to be more creative with your work and ideas then a University course followed by an Masters (MA) might be the way to go.

One way to find out more would be talk to a ceramicist – take a look on the Crafts Council website and see if there are any ceramicists working in your area that you could tap for information and maybe a short work placement etc. to get some experience.

So if you like these – why not save for one rather than buying something from Ikea or John Lewis for example?

You'll be supporting and enabling an artist to live and produce work today!

Visit her website to find out more about her. If you want to see her work to buy then you can visit the shop in Crail. Or buy direct from her Etsy shop.

Vanessa Bullick ceramicsVanessa Bullick ceramicsVanessa Bullick ceramics


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