3 Aug 2016
The Art of Education
The Art of Education guest blogging

We were delighted to be invited to write for the huge american art teachers support website, The Art of Education on all aspects of creating a portfolio for art college. We were very pleased that they were some of their most popular posts, generating close to 200 shares on Facebook and over 400 likes!

We were posed a list of questions by Art of Education senior editor Amanda Heyn and they really got us fired up……

1. In today’s educational world, many teachers and students are experimenting with non-traditional materials. 3D rendering, candy self-portraits, painting with fire, sculpting with hardware store materials- nothing is off limits! With all of these exciting options, why is it important for students to still have a strong set of drawing skills? 

2. Do you have any suggestions for drawing mediums that can push students to explore new ideas or new ways of drawing? What would you suggest beyond traditional graphite drawing pencils?

3. High school students can sometimes have a tendency to produce cliche work (hearts, eyes, birds, etc…). What are some strategies teachers can use to push students beyond those initial ideas? 

4. Why is it important for students to take risks with their portfolio pieces? How can art teachers encourage their students to take more risks when creating such a high-stakes portfolio? 

5. What would be your three biggest pieces of advice to students looking to create the best portfolio possible? How can students help their portfolios stand out?

So take a look at the answers to these questions – enjoy and hopefully you'll learn a thing or 2. Please do comment on the post or in our comments below if you're inspired too!

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The Art of Education



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