15 Jun 2015
Teachers CPD

We do run, from time to time, Continuing Professional Development (art CPD) workshops for art teachers.

Are you an art teacher and needing an extra bit of Oomph? Either for your own artistic practice or to enhance your teaching? Then keep an eye on this page. Sometimes it's difficult to make time to indulge in creating for ourselves when our jobs and curriculum demand so much.

However a day or weekend course can often revitalise your creative juices. This will in turn feed into your teaching without a doubt.

These are usually by request and can cover a number of topics including Ideas and sketchbook development and Creating a digital portfolio. We can produce a proposal and budget for your needs if you can provide us with an outline. We will endeavour to deliver this at your school where possible.

If you'd like to discuss an art CPD idea with us please do get in touch.  

call us on 07815 810797



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