Our Mentoring Story

In the past 3 years we've worked with 31 students helping them to gain 50 places for art and design courses in the UK.

We have 3 very special stories that we'd like to share with you about students who've achieved outstanding results, which at first seemed unattainable.

Read on about our first mentoring story and Lachlan's parents take on it – Lachlan didn't study art at school and went on to study at Glasgow School of Art.

You may well have watched the video at the top of the page, if not I urge you to. Ellie achieved 5 places at the some of the top colleges in the UK for fashion, the most competitive subject at art college.

Finally we worked with Yashi, an Indian student for her international application over the summer to build a portfolio in just 5 weeks. We worked face to face then by Skype and email once she returned to India. She's now studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Read more here.

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