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13 May 2013
art college success
Art portfolio success!

Since it's a little over a year since our website as you see it went live (April 2012) we thought we'd let you know how our students we've worked with over the last year have been getting on. We've made up some info graphics to display this information on their art portfolio success stories. (more…)

16 Sep 2012
Andy Murray
Andy Murray in Dunblane

OK, I know this is slightly off the subject, but I have to share with you my weekend antics in Dunblane seeing Andy Murray come home after his amazing summer of success.

We had a difficult choice to make, Chris Hoy and other Olympians from Team GB in Edinburgh, just up the road, or Andy Murray in Dunblane 50 miles away. The choice was obvious seeing as we're great tennis fans. (more…)


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