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21 Dec 2012
Xmas holiday checklist
Christmas holiday checklist

Christmas holidays? Oh yes it is – Oh no it isn't! Your art college portfolio is waiting for your attention……

He, he, just a little bit of fun. You're right, it is time to wind down, relax and enjoy time with your family etc. But if you can do just a few of the things on this checklist before you head back to school or college in January you will be getting one step ahead of the game with your art college portfolio. You will also give yourself some breathing space when your application to art college really kicks off at interview time.


26 Sep 2012
Glasgow School of Art
Mentoring success story – GSA

Our first mentee has a great future mapped out for him as he's had great news over the weekend that he has been successful in his application to Glasgow School of Art to study Sculpture and Environmental Art course. In just 9 months he's gone from having no portfolio to being offered an unconditional place at one of the country's most prestigious art colleges that has produced many of the nominated artists for arguably the world’s most recognised and prestigious award for contemporary art, the Turner Prize.

In June 2012 Lachlan contacted Portfolio Oomph to help him on the right track to going on to study at art college – the only problem being he hadn't studied art past the age of 15 therefore he didn't meet the minimum entry requirements for most further education colleges that feed the university and art college courses. (more…)

17 Aug 2012
advanced higher art exam
Exam results in – off to art college?

As A level and higher art and design results come in thick and fast now, some of you will be lucky enough to know that you’ve secured a place at art college if you’ve a conditional offer. Some of you in Scotland might be staying on to sixth year to do advanced higher art. Others will be off to your local further education college to do an art foundation course or similar.

But those of you who haven’t got plans, please download and read our FREE eBook ‘What to do if you don’t get in’ – this short 5 page eBook covers practical advice on what you should do if you want to apply again. We recommend that to get the most out of this eBook that you buy it as soon as you hear that you’ve not been accepted at art college.  (more…)

16 Jun 2012
Portfolio Oomph mentoring
The subject of mentoring has cropped up in conversation a number of times with a number of people in the past week or so. I meet on the last Wednesday of each month with a very good friend Sam Miller to support each other with our new businesses, that of Portfolio Oomph and Sam Miller UK. Working from home on a business or as an artist alone can be quite isolating and as you have no colleagues to bounce ideas around with, you can get rather stuck in a rut from time to time. It’s been really good to get some objective support from someone I trust and value. This being exactly the function of the mentoring service including portfolio advice that Portfolio Oomph offers to students seeking to apply to art college. (more…)
3 May 2012
What to do if you don't get into art college
New eBook now available!

We have a new eBook out today to help you with some creative portfolio ideas for art college! I hope that not many of you will need this one, but it's inevitable that some of you might not get into art college first time around. This book is titled 'What to do if you don't get in' (to art college), it's a short, informative book and best of all it's FREE!! Download it from the eBooks section now.

eBook excert….. "I had a portfolio and went off to Norwich School of Art (as it was called then) for an interview. I’d chosen this place as it seemed quite intimate, not the size of some of the large cities I’d visited such as Manchester and Leeds. I was so desperate to get into this art college and I knew very little about the place, the college or the reputation as it stood. Had I done my research properly I would have known that it was a very competitive art college to secure a place at. Not that this should have influenced my decision but it could have saved a lot of upset as you will later find out. (more…)


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