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8 Apr 2013
library research
Library research resources

I've been a little bit side tracked of late with events in our village which is slightly off the point of Portfolio Oomph but the more I think about it, the more I believe it's all related – library research.

We have a great little library in the village that we frequent each week with our daughter, sometimes twice weekly for her to exchange her books, chat to the librarians and meet up with other little people who she goes to nursery with. She really loves the library and now they have a coffee making machine that has hot chocolate it really is her favourite place!!


5 Oct 2012
creative sketchbook ideas
Drawing and sketchbook videos

We discovered 2 videos from the BBC this week on creative sketchbook ideas whilst writing our eCourse on Drawing skills; exploration.

As you will probably have discovered by now that sketchbooks are a hugely important part of your art college application and portfolio. Your sketchbooks should show your thought processes, how you tick and offer an insight into your mind for the viewer! Sounds a bit weird. But really your sketchbooks are so important that you must have I would say at least 2 full ones to take with you to interview.



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