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9 Apr 2014
Waverley Line Open Studios
Waverley Line Open Studios

It might all seem quite quiet here whilst students are attending interviews and waiting to find out if they have any offers.  However, behind the scenes there has been a lot of activity on a personal creative level.

From 10 – 4pm on 10 May, I and 4 other artists are opening our studios for the first Waverley Line Open Studios, in Eskbank, Newtongrange and Mayfield.


11 Nov 2013
Round the horn artists open studios
Round the horn – artists’ open studios

This Saturday (November 16th) is the artists' open studios event Round the Horn in Kinghorn, Fife and we are planning to go, how about you?

Round the Horn artists' open studios represents a collective of artists, makers, designers and creative folk based in Kinghorn, Fife who regularly open their studios to the public and organise local creative events, exhibitions and workshops.   (more…)


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