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13 Apr 2015
guest blog Innovate my School
How art can inspire confidence in students

We were recently invited to write a blog post for the fabulously inspiring Innovate my School website. Topic: How art can inspire confidence in students. We're pleased to have this published prior to the UK Blog Awards on Friday (17th April) as the director Michael Forshaw is the judge for the education category of which we are shortlisted. Please wish us luck for Friday!


13 Jun 2014
Fair pay for artists
Fair pay for artists

I discovered a great article on the Guardian newspaper website last week that really is a positive step towards supporting the value of an art education. From lots of research that I do on my day to day business in bringing Portfolio Oomph to you I come across many opinions that art college is just a doss for people with their head in the clouds. One particular blog post's comments really saddened me….. (more…)


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