11 Jul 2016
Isle of Mull
Summer on Isle of Mull

You may or may not have noticed we've been pretty quiet on social media and blogging of late!

The academic year has now finished here in Scotland so we've been taking a bit time off with a trip to the Isle of Mull with my family. If you've not been and you are in range of Scotland I would recommend it. We had a lovely peaceful week, no TV or Wifi, which was actually really nice. After Brexit I was a bit done in with social media and the media in general, so just to get away from it all was lovely.

We were staying a lovely rustic cottage on the south side of the island not far from Fionnphort. 

We main reason for visiting was the landscape –  as you can see is pretty amazing, along with the bird and animal life. We visited Staffa, where Mendelssohn wrote his Hebrides overture 'Fingal's Cave'. That is where we saw the puffins, seals and we had hoped for dolphins too but alas, we had to be happy with what we saw. The puffins are so friendly and we really were that close to them, almost touching.

Another pull was for our 8 year old daughter who used to watch the childrens' TV programme, Ballamory and it was filmed on Mull in Tobermory. She had a great time visiting the coloured houses that belonged some of the characters!

Puffins on Staffa Staffa Seals on Staffa Fionnphort, Isle of Mull Fionnphort, Isle of Mull Isle of Mull Isle of Mull Isle of Mull foxgloves, Isle of Mull Tobermory, Isle of Mull An Tobar weaving2 

I'd also been wanting to visit An Tobar for many years, it has a great reputation for contemporary art, again, in Tobermory. The current show is Serena Korda, a peaceful, beautiful installation based on the “thin places” – anomalies in the landscape which were viewed in pre-Christian times as access points to the afterlife. Ardalanish Weavers was also a great find, taking you back in time with their weaving processes and exquisite products.

Visiting the Isle of Iona and its white beaches with turquoise seas was also a highlight. All in all, well worth a visit for some inspiration and down time.

Hoping you also have a nice summer break this year, let us know in the comments below where you are off to, we'd love to hear!


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