Art Crazy Nation
Art Crazy Nation Matthew Collings

By Matthew Collings

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A personal perspective on the contemporary British art scene is given by art critic Matthew Collings in this follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Blimey’. He examines how art attitudes and behaviour and art fashions have seeped into the wider culture. He questions what people want from Art now and who they think it is. He asks what the intellectual currents are that run through it and what are its values.

Collings takes the reader on a personal journey into the London art scene to seek out the answers.

Review: Dr David Gauntlett ‘This book is a sequel to Matthew Collings’s brilliant ‘Blimey!’, taking a largely delightful wander through the British art world of the past years. It’s full of good stuff, very readable, and it is great to see a return to the personal style of ‘Blimey!’ after the more sensible, textbook kind of approach which the author had to take in ‘This is Modern Art’. However it’s highly enjoyable and recommended, and much better than most other books ever written, so buy it now.


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