The Portfolio Checker

Answer these 10 questions to find out your Portfolio Score. Read each question and give it a score from 1 – 10, 1 meaning that you don't do this at all, and 10 meaning that you do this all the time.

To do - portfolio checker

1) I like to experiment and try new materials and ways of working to challenge myself.

2) When I start a project I have no idea of how it will end up, I go with the flow and the creative process work. 

3) I keep and value ALL my work, even bad pieces.

4) I never tear pages out of my sketchbooks or leave blank to return to fill later.

5) I like to make my own decisions about how to develop my work (not relying too much on the teacher).

6) My work gives the viewer a real feel about who I am and my interests.

7) I study contemporary LIVING artists and designers for inspiration and record this in my sketchbook.   

8) I love using sketchbooks to develop my ideas.

9) I  annotate my work thoroughly and use this to reflect and move forwards.

10) I feel comfortable making mistakes and producing 'bad' work.


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