30 Mar 2018
Who is this course for?

My portfolio preparation course is for YOU if you’re committed to dedicating your time to a serious plan to get into an Undergraduate art or design degree course in the UK. You must have the required eligibility from your dream colleges but just lacking that important portfolio.

I’ll be holding your hand (and kicking your ass when necessary!) every step of the way to ensure that failure is absolutely not an option.

tick 20 week portfolio preparation course – start any time of the year – (fast track in 10 weeks available) – registering NOW

tick video tutorials throughout the course so you can study anywhere in the world at a time, pace and place for your own convenience and flexibility

tick 10 hours a week commitment minimum (for fast track 20 hours per week) – how you do this is up to you but that’s 2 hours a day at least to enable the full effect of the course content to be exploited. 

tick 5 x 1 hour long critiques of your work by me, Julie Read via Skype/Zoom (or in person if you’re within distance of Edinburgh) giving feedback to ensure it’s working – coaching gives you accountability, a structure and a plan for the end result.

tick UCAS personal statement guidance and review. 

tick 5 compelling projects that will develop your creativity and encourage risk taking, experimentation and individuality. The projects cover ideas around social issues/current affairs, personal story/identity, environment, process and a self led project nearer the end. The course covers 4 ways to start a project taking you through all aspects of the creative process. The Colleges want to see something that is your view of the world, not the same old school led projects.

tick You will learn how to reflect on, analyse and evaluate your work. This fulfils the requirement from the Colleges for a student to possess strong critical judgement skills.

tick Your work will develop in relation to other artists and designers (context). The College’s assess your portfolio on context and you’ll need to demonstrate you are aware of other relevant CONTEMPORARY artists/designers.

tick You’ll learn how to take good photos of your work. It is ESSENTIAL that your work is represented well for your digital portfolio submissions.

tick Interview guidance and advice – you may be asked to take part in a Skype interview and how you come across in interview can make or break your application. You need to be able to talk about your work with confidence and our Skype/Zoom tutorials assist here.

tick I will compile your digital portfolio for a maximum of 5 UK colleges/universities, with your opinions at the core. I don’t just let you go then, as this time can be crucial and you can get it horrendously wrong just putting the final touches together

tick Exclusive access to my video presentation “Drawing – keeping it current” that was commissioned for The Art of Education. This will challenge your views on drawing and how you can embed it in your creative practice to produce that knockout portfolio


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