Plan Create Succeed
Julie Read - Portfolio preparation course


20-Week Online portfolio preparation course for art college applicants.

For the first time we are offering our commitment to portfolio excellence (normally reserved for our face to face private clients) and our proven methods, to you remotely. Fasten your seatbelts – it’s an exciting time! Let us help you to plan, create and succeed in your future career.

Work with us to:

1. Get organised and plan what you need to present for each college course and when.

2. Benefit from my step by step guide that enable yous to intuitively use your sketchbooks to work in and not to worry about whether something works or not – initially. You’ll  soon find that your ideas flow better as you get on with work in a less precious way.

3. Work really hard between sessions and do a power of work and we’ll give you the confidence, reassurance, practical guidance where you’d have been lost without that help.

4. Take away the stress and confusion about the best way to present your digital portfolio. This ensures that what you present is a true reflection of your potential, giving you the confidence in the digital folio that you present.


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