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As a prospective student, have you trawled the art college and university websites for information but still can't figure out what they are asking for in your portfolio submission?

If you're not in the UK it's quite difficult to obtain accurate information about applying to art college in the UK. Partly because you're not able to visit the colleges for their open days but because your education system is probably quite different to here in the UK.

Our portfolio preparation course isn't like any other Art Foundation Course that you will see available online.

It's not based on technical/creative skills acquisition, it's based on exploring ideas and concepts and what makes you tick. Skills will be acquired along the way so don't worry!! However, the emphasis is on your ideas, projects and critical reflection. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of media and approaches.



There's guidance on planning and ensuring that the courses that you're applying for are suitable for you and that you have all the right information to make you application the best it can be.

The course isn't about refining your existing skills to perfection, it's about challenging yourself to try new things, explore new ideas and to take some risks. You will in the process make some 'bad' work, but this is essential to move on to make good work!

The creative process will be explored in more depth during our 5 projects. The projects cover ideas around political/social issues, personal story, identity, environment and a self led project nearer the end. We'll work with drawing, in sketchbooks and depending on your area of interest, many materials and techniques that will translate your ideas.

Who is this course for? People who are committed to dedicating their time to a serious plan to get into an Undergraduate art course in the UK You must be qualified or studying to be qualified in the year that you apply to art college. You must be self motivated and not need you hand holding ALL the way! We'll have plenty of instructions for you to follow but it's important that you can run with an idea and explore things alone – we can't do it all for you.

You must be ready to implement the strategy immediately, this is about action taking.

tick 5 month course – start any time of the year – first registrations in September 2017

tick 100% online so you can study anywhere in the world

tick 5 x 1 hour long critiques of your work by me, Julie Read via Skype giving feedback, advice and confidence. This is to ensure it's working – coaching gives you accountability, a structure and a plan for the end result.

tick UCAS personal statement support and review

tick you will develop your creativity by studying our 5 projects and encourage risk taking, experimentation and individuality

tick you will learn how to reflect on your work and evaluate it demonstrating strong critical judgement skills

tick your work will develop in relation to other artists and designers, (context) that fulfills the requirements of the art colleges

tick you'll learn how to take good photos of your work, firstly to document and send to us for review, but also for your digital portfolio

tick interview guidance and advice

tick Portfolio Oomph edits and compiles your digital portfolio with you

**And if that wasn't exciting enough, we have 3 bonuses!**

tick private Facebook support group, so if you have any questions between Skype tutorials you can ask away – this is so valuable

tick 2 case studies showing how 2 of our previous students followed our tuition to success

tick exclusive access to our video presentation "Drawing – keeping it current" that was commissioned for The Art of Education (AOE) – is an innovative higher learning institution committed to delivering amazing professional development to art educators everywhere

COST: full payment of £1800 or 2 instalments of £990* 
(*one payment on starting course and one payment 2 months later – total £1980)


Portfolio preparation course structure

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  2 payments
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1 at checkout £990.00 GBP
2 after 2 months      £990.00 GBP
Total    £1,980.00 GBP
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