13 Aug 2017
Jac Leirner - Fruitmarket Gallery
Jac Leirner at Fruitmarket Gallery

When we visit galleries we usually think and know that we're going there to be creatively inspired and challenged. There might be some fun work, there might be some thought provoking and maybe work that makes us feel uncomfortable.

But we probably don't go to galleries thinking that we're going to be challenged with our maths and arithmetic!

Most galleries have a learning programme that is designed to engage the public with the exhibition and artist showing. There is also usually something for most age ranges, especially the younger gallery go-ers. 

This was the case at the Fruitmarket Gallery's latest show, Jac Leirner, and what a fabulous education project for kids is built into this current show.

"Leirner makes her work from a limited range of everyday materials. Playing with ideas of repetition, obsession and addiction, she uses the same objects over and over again, combining them into astonishingly beautiful sculptures that reveal the material poetics of the mundane." (Fruitmarket Gallery)

So we took our 9 year old daughter and she just loves the activity sheets that are available in galleries, the Fruitmarket Gallery especially. She was just the right age also to be counting, adding and doing long multiplication to work out how many Rizla sheets (!!) were on the wall – it tested me too.

A beautiful installation and the activity of counting and working these things out, figuring out the best strategy to solve this problem, was amazing. She has obviously learnt something at school ☺

What struck me, as it has been doing so many days, is that art is not about just making images, sculptures, designs etc. It's about problem solving, finding out all the information to make reasoned judgement and decisions. The transferable skills that you learn whilst in an art education are vast. If only I had known this after art college – I came away thinking only that I could make prints and draw.

Jac Leirner - Fruitmarket Gallery

We will soon be introducing a series of videos that discuss the many skills that you learn and develop whilst in creative education. If you want to ensure that you see these, please subscribe to our Youtube channel now or join our mailing list from the bottom of our homepage.

Art crosses all boundaries and can be learnt in conjunction with science, maths and just about any other subject that you can think of. There is no need to have such distinctions between many subjects as the content can form effective integrated learning. And to be honest, it's my opinion that this kind of learning is the most effective and interesting for learners. The BACC for the future campaign for STEAM (Science, Technology, English, ARTS and Maths) not STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) is really picking up and you can join it here.

We'd love to hear how you integrate other subjects into your art classes or vice versa. Please leave us a message below to tell us more!


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